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Collaborated with Lisa Park
New York, NY
source: REVERSE
"A new form of group emotions based on neurofeedback reflecting on water surface"

Eudaimonia, the Greek word indicating a state of being happy, healthy and prosperous, is an investigation into a new form of expression and shared experience by visually reflecting the vibrations of the mind on the surface of water. With the integration of neurofeedback technology, visualizing decoded emotions in a group-mind setting will explore a new form of communication and shared experience. The sounds, a form of vibrations, are generated by attention and meditation values received from brainwave headset.

water surface
source: LISA PARK

The level of attetion is modulating auto panner. The more attention the user has, the higher the amount of panning is. Panner means “distribution of a sound signal, moving from one side to another. So, in this case, the sound will be moving from left to right.

The level of meditation is modulating frequence range from 40 to 100. The more the user meditates, the lower the frequency is. Frequency means “the amount of complete waves every second that produce sound. High pitched sounds, like the sound that whistles make, have a high frequency (lots of waves per second). And low pitched sounds like the sound that subwoofer makes have a low frequency (not so many waves per second).

After the experience, users can share their status of minds in the form of data visualization on instagram. Time goes by angle and radius of each angle represents value at the moment. The EEG headset sends 10 different types of brainwaves, color-coded in the graph. We would like to experiment more about how a relationship affects emotions to each other through this installation.

Eudaimonia mobile workflow
Eudaimonia on Instagram, @project.eudaimonia
Data Visualization of brainwave on Instagram, @project.eudaimonia
source: REVERSE


Lisa Park (Artist), Jihyun Lee (Creative Technologist)

The Creators Project, Hyperallergic, Bedford + Bowery, TodaysArt 2015, SYNAESTHETICS, @project.eudaimonia

Apache Cordova, ThinkGear Cordova Plugin for NeuroSky EEG headset, d3.js, tone.js, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript