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FC Globe

Fast Company
New York, NY

FC Globe is a gesture-based 3D visualization of Fast Company network’s traffic. On a map, it shows where the readers are now and what they are reading and it allows people to explore the real-time traffic all around the world with their hands.

Digital journalists are obsessed with traffic. I thought it might be interesting to project our real-time traffic in an interactive map on the wall, using an Xbox Kinect as the interface. Chartbeat, one of the analytics services we use, provides REST APIs so that we can fetch data – geolocation of our readers, stories they are reading, engaged time, etc. – formatted in JSON. A reader represents a dot with a unique color of FC’s channel on the map. For example, a red dot means a reader is reading a tech/hackers story on Co.Labs, one of FC’s channels. And powered by Greenhouse and the Kinect, people can travel around the world map with hand gestures. A user can simply zoom in by moving their fist forward when they stand in front of the globe, or vice versa.



Kinect, Chartbeat APIs, Greenhouse, XCode, c/c++, JSON wrapper for C++