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Go Get It!

New York, NY
"A connected gift box with a mobile app to motivate users to reach a given fitness goal"

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is fitness. Have you ever set fitness goals and achieved them? There are tons of fitness tracking devices and apps on the market today that help you keep logging your daily activities. However, a number of people, including myself, struggled with self-control, lacked the motivation to do exercise and then abandoned the fitness goals.

Go Get It! (GGIT) helps you keep motivated and inspired to work out using buddy system. A buddy puts a reward gift inside the GGIT box and sets a daily step goal, such as 10K steps a day for 3 days of the week. And then the buddy will lock the gift box and gives it to a challenger or multiple challengers who want(s) to achieve the goal. Motivation can be increased through social interactions while challenging. And then the box will be unlocked to reveal its secret rewards inside when a challenger reach the fitness goal.

Whiteboard wireframe
User Interface Flow Diagrams (UI Storyboards)
go-get-it-mobile-buddy go-get-it-mobile-buddy
Box is locked and set up with a new daily step goal


Jess Jung (Interaction Designer/Front-end), Eozin Che (Visual Designer), Liz khoo (Product designer), Jihyun Lee (BLE & M7StepCounter Plugins, Front-end bootstrap)

code, M7StepCounter Cordova plugin, BLE Manager Cordova plugin

Arduino, BLE Mini, iOS Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Apache Cordova, Apple Motion M7 Coprocessor, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop