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Collaborated with Lisa Park
New York, NY
"An interactive spatial sound performance reflecting one's various emotional states of mind"

4DSOUND: Circadian presented spatial sound performances exploring our conscious states throughout the day and night in the Electriciteitsfabriek at TodaysArt 2015. 4DSOUND: Circadian opened with a performance by Lisa Park. Park works with EEG brainwave headsets as a self-monitoring tool to measure her emotional response to the world around her.

NUE, meaning silkworm in Korean, transforms the physical space of 4DSOUND as Lisa moves through the system wearing a 200-metre long white dress, weaving an intricate web of passages, pockets and walls. Confined within the web, the audience interacts with Lisa as she moves in the space, through whispering, looking, and touching. Driven by Lisa’s brainwaves, a soundworld unfolds that encompasses the audience in its unravelling structure. Sonic textures melt together or fall apart based on Lisa’s emotional state, being tense or calm, focused or distracted.

The mobile application LISAx4D receives brainwave data – concentration, mellow, alpha, beta, delta, theta and gamma – from Muse: the brain sensing headband via Bluetooth and sends OSC messages with the data to 4DSOUND system. This enables sound designers to play sounds based upon the received data through integration with interfaces and controllers using Ableton Live.


Lisa Park (Artist), Salvador Breed & Stijn van Beek (Sound Designers), Jihyun Lee (Creative Technologist)

code, 4DSOUND: Circadian at TodaysArt 2015

Apache Cordova, Muse Cordova Plugin, OSC Cordova Plugin, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript