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UP! is a collaborative game of blowing a balloon in order to lift a house up just like Disney/Pixar’s Up animation

People can easily play the game by going to a designated website in the browser. Each person gets their own balloon with a unique color on the screen. People can grow their balloon by blowing the air on the microphone just like we do with a real balloon. But be warned, as the balloon has a limited volume, it will pop if the person blows too much air in the balloon. Finally, the house starts to fly in the air when the amount of the air of balloons is enough to lift the house up. But people can intentionally pop the balloon by closing the working browser while the house is flying. It is possible for the house to be fallen down to the ground because it losses a critical amount of air to fly away.

The UP! is translated from my previous work based on Processing and Asterisk to the web environment using WebRTC and WebSocket. Since how much the air has been blown is captured by WebRTC, limited browsers – Chrome, Firefox and Opera – running on the desktop and Android are supported so far. People will get an air inflator to push air into the balloon instead if their browser is not supported.

In real world, it seems very difficult to lift a house up with balloons. But there is a a quote by John Lennon “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together becomes reality.” I wish this UP! project can give people a hope that not an individual can do it but it comes true through collaboration.

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WebRTC, Web Audio API, Node.js, Socket.IO, Express, Box2d, Photoshop, Illustrator